Indonesia, supposedly the 3rd largest democratic country in the world, is now at a crossroad in which the commitment to the rule of law and democratic principles are questionable, following the execution of 6 innocent members of the Islamic Defender Front (known as FPI), by undercover Jakarta Metro Police officers early Monday morning on December 7, 2020.

According to the Jakarta Metro Police Chief Insp Gen Fadil Imran, during a televised press conference, his officers were attacked by sympathizers of FPI leader Rizieq Shihab on a section of Jakarta-Cikampek toll road using firearms and sharp weapons. The officers, whose safety was threatened, responded by taking tough and measured action against the purported attackers resulting in the death of 6 men.

However, the Chairman of FPI, Ahmad Shabri Lubis and Secretary-General Munarman stated that FPI leader Rizieq Shihab and his family members were on their way to a religious family gathering on the outskirts of Jakarta when they were stopped by several unidentified officers near the East Karawang toll road.

Part of his entourage were a number of his sympathizers who undertook regular and routine escort assignments as his unarmed bodyguards.

The statement was then redacted

Part of his entourage were a number of his sympathizers who undertook regular and routine escort assignments as his unarmed bodyguards.

Jakarta Metro Police has made conflicting accounts in regard to the weapons used by the members of the FPI which was first stated as a home-made pistol.

The statement was then redacted, stating that the pistols belonged to the undercover officers and were taken by force.

Monday morning after the incident, FPI published a press release stating that the 6 sympathizers of FPI leader Rizieq Shihab, who acted as his bodyguards were still missing.

Subsequently, the afternoon of the same day, the Jakarta Metro Police announced that 6 members of FPI were killed in the shootout early Monday morning.

According to eye witnesses at the rest area “KM 50” on the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road, only two gunshots were heard.

However, nearly 30 minutes later an ambulance showed up and carried 2 bodies while 4 others were seen alive escorted into another vehicle.

The dead bodies of all six members of FPI were released by the local police hospital on the night of December 9, 2020 and buried the following day on December 10, 2020.

This case was later taken over by the Indonesian Police Headquarter from Jakarta Metro Police and the officers who were involved in the shootout were investigated by Police Internal Affairs, known as PROPAM.

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The following is a statement from the lawyer of the 6 victims during the Commission III hearing at the Indonesian Parliament on December 10, 2020.

The following is the statement from one of the parents of the 6 victims.

Police brutality and the extrajudicial killings of these 6 sympathizers of FPI leader Rizieq Shihab by the undercover Jakarta Metro Police officers, marks one of the worst violations and gross negligence of basic human rights in Indonesian democracy after the fall of the authoritarian Soeharto regime in 1998.

Will Indonesia turn into another authoritarian government after embarking the last 22 years of reformation ?.

Source : Forum Tanah Air

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